Boys’ Mom lives in Grand Prairie, TX with her husband, Jim, and is retired after 40 years working in the public sector. She is “Mom” to three grown sons – Jefferson, Justin, and Adam.
Reading works by new authors, writing book reviews, catching up on Korean dramas, geocaching with the hubby while driving the back roads of Texas, her basset hounds – Peaches & Stoli, her cats – Princess, Smoky, and Ginger, and occasionally trying out a new recipe or method of cooking.
Currently Reading:
Sci-Fi, mysteries of all sub-genres, dystopian tales, zombie stories, and apocalyptic novels of all kinds.

9 responses to “About

  1. Emilia Rosa

    The link is not opening…

  2. Oh! Of course. The link above is for Reedy and I review through them (and other services.)

    Email me at karensiddall@yahoo.com and I’ll be happy to discuss reviewing for you outside of Reedsy or the others.


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