Review Tour: Howling With Huskies by Linda Chamberlain

Howling with Huskies

And Other Ways to Feel Good!


Linda Chamberlain

Children’s / Wellness

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

Publication Date: December 21, 2022

Page Count: 40 pages


ISBN-10: 0228872588 / ISBN-13: 978-0228872580



What can three Alaskan husky sled dogs teach Galena and her younger brother, Kimmo, about working with difficult emotions, coping skills for stress, and feeling good? This illustrated children’s book blends storytelling, the northern sport of dog mushing, and skill-building activities to empower children with simple tools for self-calming and well-being. Learn about Kimmo’s secret howl and other techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime—at school, on the go, and at home.


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5 stars!

Wonderful illustrations with an important, well-crafted, and delightfully delivered message.

Howling with Huskies by author, scientist, and Alaskan Linda Chamberlain simply and directly passes along ways that children (and adults, too!) can more easily manage stress and other feelings. The book is wonderfully illustrated with charming pictures and fabulous colors. The Northern Lights are gorgeous.

The children are depicted participating in chores and play, and there’s even a discreet mention of the daily work that goes into caring for their dogs. Aside from the book’s big message, this may segue into an easy discussion about the responsibilities of pet ownership with children who have been asking their parents to bring a new one into the family. New terms are introduced, specific to dog sledding, that will interest children and adults alike. The author uses the names of dogs she has personally known for her canine characters, and there is a fun mix of proper names, both common and those more familiar to residents in the far north.

However, the book’s purpose is to offer coping strategies, and the advice coming from dogs may make a child more likely to give them a shot than those suggestions coming from a parent, teacher, doctor, or other adults. My boys would have loved this book when they were kids, especially since our family dog was a Siberian Husky named Ivan.

From its fun and alliterative title to its wonderful illustrations and important, well-crafted, and delivered message, I recommend HOWLING WITH HUSKIES to families for reading aloud and sharing with young elementary school-age readers.


Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH is a scientist, author, former dog musher, and leading expert on the effects of stress on the body and brain. From Finland to Costa Rica, she has worked around the world to share simple tools to build stress resilience, regulate emotions, and promote well-being. Linda is a trainer with Capacitar International, a global network for healing and empowerment. Certified in a wide range of mind-body practices, she teaches breath work, mindful movement, meditation, and therapeutic yoga to healthcare systems, educators, counselors, therapists, college students, the armed forces, parenting programs, and other organizations. She lives with her husband, Al, on a rural homestead outside of Homer, Alaska.

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  1. Marcy Meyer

    The cover is really cute. Sounds like a good books.

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