Betting on Love by Mary Beesley



Mary Beesley

RomCom / Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: March 24, 2021

Number of Pages: 193 pages

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Tempest Swan is out for revenge. Billionaire Leonard Allred’s software program has put her out of a job. She makes a bet with a friend that she’ll get Leonard to take her on a date so she can get retribution, but a fortuitous accident with an adorable nerd might just derail her vengeance. Leonard has reasons for hiding his identity from the public. It’s worked well for him so far, until he starts falling for the honest and witty Tempest. But how can he destroy their budding romance by admitting he’s actually the guy she hates?


“If I could give Betting on Love more stars I would because 5 stars aren’t enough.”- Jacky, Goodreads reader

“BEST BEACH READ!! Witty and fun and it was super hard to put down.”- Katherine, Goodreads reader

“It had just enough spice to make you feel the sparks.”- Rebecca, Goodreads reader


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Entertaining and fun, with some sweet and poignant moments that will tug your heartstrings!

Betting on Love is such a delightful story with the added fun of being set in the area where I live. I really liked the two main characters, and the supporting ones were intriguing as well. Many were interesting enough on their own (Blair, Zena, Dean) that I would welcome a book about each one of them! Even the love affair of the parents was sweet and loving.

Tempest is an intelligent girl and considering the preparation she’s gone through to become an actuary and then successfully practicing in her field for five years, I felt terrible for her when the job market was so tough. I thought the author did a great job getting her struggles across in interesting ways and without demeaning the choices she has to make, accepting work that wasn’t what she wanted but was available. I like the character more for just getting a job and giving it her all, even though the job wasn’t her dream job.

Although we don’t see Leo at work a lot, we do get a good sense of what he’s done with his company from discussions with other characters. He is an engaging cinnamon roll of a male lead and as nerdy as Tempest. I felt they were a great match! I enjoyed the mistaken identity plotline and his dilemma in wanting to set the record straight. I like his immediate attraction to Tempest and that it was pretty serious for him right from the start. He was adorably awkward, and I wanted him to win Tempest over.

The plot beginning with an element of revenge based on a bet between Tempest and her roommate, Blair, hooked me from the start. But the subplot of the grown children coming to terms with their parents having a new life is one many readers may have experienced as either a parent or a grown child! I have, and this increased my engagement with the story for sure. Those early meetings are a killer oftentimes, but the ones in this story offered a lot of humor. But I can easily imagine being Silvia and wanting to have a perfect Thanksgiving, blending the two families for the first time. Talk about stressful! That event is a big enough deal every year anyway without the addition of trying to impress the new in-laws. And the family trip camping in California had me laughing out loud from the first mention.

However, the main thing I enjoyed about Betting on Love was how well the author kept teasing me, over and over, with getting Tempest and Leo together, them feeling their deep attraction to one another only for something to keep them apart. Be it their own ability to overthink their situation or the presence of other people throwing a monkey wrench into the works, the to and fro in their relationship journey kept me glued to the pages and completely entertained.

I recommend BETTING ON LOVE to readers who enjoy contemporary romance, especially one set in the Dallas area.

Mary Beesley is a Whitney Award Nominee and received a Crowned Heart of Excellence Review and a 5-star Reader’s Favorite Award.







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4 responses to “Betting on Love by Mary Beesley

  1. Great review. This sounds like such a fun reading escape! Can’t wait to snag a copy.

  2. Ah! This makes me so happy. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. xoxo, Mary Beesley

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